Sunday, September 22, 2002

I was suppose to publish an entry on the first day of class with Lauren Forbes but i totally forgot all this thing along with everything else...the only reason why i remembered that i had setup this journal was because i checked 98 different junk email that was sent to me since i left for vassar. I hadn't checked my email or called anyone that was from ct since i got here and i'm trying to understand why i am cutting my self off from home.

Anyway, I am extremely tired today. My eyelids have never been this heavy to keep open. Its weird because, although i went to bed at three last nite talking to lauren and ian, I did not wake up until 12:48 the next day. I intentionally missed spanish class today (its was conversation tady taught by jade!!! i'm pissed off at myself for missing one of jade's classes, she's the best) so that I can rest at least once since i've been here. I have been getting in some crappy hours for sleep. This entire week i have only been getting five hours of sleep a nite. Generally, I have a crappy memory and I dont pay attention very well. Its not ADD, i'm just not with it sometimes and this week, with no sleep, its gotten worst. I hope i'm better tomorrow because i have a spanish quiz and a lab that i think will be kind of hard.

Cutest thing: I woke up this morning and i stretched my arm; my finger touched the fish bowl and Jesus swam towards it. I love that guy.